The Right To Live
Under Right To Try

Dear _______ (representative name),

The present Right to Try law as written is preventing the very people it was designed to help from receiving lifesaving therapies. The present law denies companies the right to make any profit under Right to Try. Requiring companies to sell at cost is the same as asking them to sell at a loss. Requiring them to disclose proprietary financial information on the cost of their therapies is not reasonable and cannot incorporate what is sometimes 10 to 20 years of research and development loses. Right to Try is currently “Condemned to Die” because companies are not planning on participating. Therefore, please sponsor, and or fight to have the following amendment added to the present Right to Try law.

  1. Any company providing a drug or therapy under Right to Try laws cannot charge more for treatment than similar therapies already on the market.
  2. Any company providing therapy under Right to Try must show evidence of selling on a sliding scale to those with lower incomes.

The above amendment would replace the requirement to only provide therapy at cost. It would also remove the need to disclose confidential and proprietary information to the government. The result would be a viable business model that could help hundreds of thousands get access to life saving treatments.

Its impact could be felt by someone you love.