September 2016

Lifebridge 10000, LLC announces it has filed for long-term patent protection in 35 additional countries for its flagship Tumor Treating Field device, bringing the total applications to 36. Mr. Travers, the CEO of the company, would not disclose which countries, citing competitive reasons. However, he did say they included the largest markets in the world and those that are most involved in medical tourism. Mr. Travers also indicated that they intend to add more countries later in 2016. 

LifeBridge 10000, LLC joins UCF business incubator

August 1, 2016: Today, LifeBridge 10000, LLC finalized its partnership with the UCF Business Incubation Program (UCF BIP). After more than a year as a pre-incubation client, LifeBridge 10000, LLC became a full member of the UCF BIP and has obtained office space in its Winter Springs location. The UCF BIP provides a wide range of support such as: public relations, referrals for establishing a board of advisors, legal counsel, and introductions to investor relations, as well as ongoing strategy sessions and networking opportunities.

LifeBridge 10000, LLC gains PCT patent protection

Today—October 26, 2015—LifeBridge, LLC entered the National Phase of the Patent Coperation Treaty (PCT) process and was granted temporary patent protection in 148 countries for 30 months. The PCT’s International Searching Authority searched the world with three criterea in mind.

1. Novel: In the context of a patent application, an invention is considered novel when it is different from all previous inventions (called "prior art") in one or more of its constituent elements.

2. Inventive: The “Inventive step” states that the invention should be sufficiently inventive—i.e., non-obvious in order to be patented. The invention should be significantly different than prior art.

3. Industrial Applicability: The invention must be susceptible of industrial application. The invention must be likely to have an application.

The PCT examiners found the LifeBridge invention to be novel, inventive and to have industrial application in all 18 of its primary claims. This non-controversial approval usually indicates favorable decisions from member countries when applying for long-term protection. In the coming months, the company will be confirming its plan of action for filing of long-term protection in select countries.